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By leveraging our experience, knowledge and ability, we farm the 

finest cannabis products in the anywhere.

Our Mission

The mission at Hangar Creek Ranch is simple. Grow the finest quality cannabis in both indoor and outdoor settings, using the latest in cultivation methodology. The end result is a product that can provide consistency and innovation. We do this by being involved with our community and creating an identifiable culture that can be implanted into our products.


The Hangar Creek Team is comprised of expert cultivators, successful entrepreneurs and just plain great people, to create a unique vision in the Oklahoma cannibis market. Rooted in the West Coast, the HCR team has assembled in the foothills of Oklahoma, to leverage decades of experience to farm only the best quality products. We don't want to raise the bar...we want to be it. 


Holy Trichomes Batman! The "Gruntz Muffin" has turned out great. Our horticulture techniques are producing some beautiful product. It's definitely purple season. 

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