"Most of the really pleasant things is life are worth repeating endlessly"

The Ranch

The Hangar Creek Ranch is nestled in the countryside outside of Durant, Oklahoma. It literally gets its name from a rancher who was a pilot and had a plane, The airstrip is long overgrown, but the hangar has been converted into our headquarters space. With a pond, crazy wildlife and acreage for state of the art indoor and outdoor growing operations, this truly is a magical place.


" It is nice to work with people who share your values and professionalism. This industry has had its challenges, but the Hangar Creek Project has turned out to be something special."

Dan Arnold


Hangar Creek Ranch created state of the art grow facilities in the middle of the countryside. By using the latest in technological advancements in lighting, environmental automation and monitoring, we can efficiently produce plants that are happy and healthy. 


Agnetix ZENITH is a high-performing and extremely energy-efficient LED horticulture grow light delivering up to 3.34╬╝mol/J. Designed to be the connected backbone of the facility, the ZENITH is water-cooled and has integrated USB and Power Over Ethernet ports for easy networking, light scheduling, and crop data visibility using advanced sensors and cameras.